Monday, June 10, 2013

Scrobbling with

What's with "SCROBBLING" songs?

Recently I have been playing music in my iTunes with Scrobbler and I found it useful.

To give you a background, "scrobble"or "scrobbling" means when you listen to a song that information is sent to a website like ( The site then creates your musical profile which contains play counts, artists, even the average number of tracks that you play everyday.

For now, I think is the only website doing this music scrobbling. And with scrobbling, your page will be customized wherein you will get recommendations on new singles, events like concert tours, top of the charts and other information based on your musical taste. If you are lucky, sometimes you get free songs from your favorite artists.

Another feature I found interesting with your scrobbles in is that you get to know other people and even groups who share your musical preferences. Plus, you can add friends from your other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook which makes it more "social".

Knowing musical taste (for me) is one of the greatest contribution of information technology to mankind. Go and scrobble your songs now!

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